War of the Worlds- Frontlines

Cover art for War of the Worlds: Frontlines

War of the Worlds: Frontlines is an anthology edited by JW Schnarr and published by Northern Fright Publishing.

Description Edit

No one would have believed that in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched...

These words marked the beginning of H.G. Well's classic science fiction novel The War of the Worlds...and marked the end of man's child-like belief that we are alone in the universe. Published in 1898, The War of the Worlds is one of the greatest works of science fiction ever written, and it cemented H.G. Wells' legacy as a founding father of science fiction. A 1938 radio play by Orson Welles caused mass panic when it hit the airwaves, and frankly we haven't been able to trust aliens ever since.

Here now, are bold new visions of Alien and Human conflicts on many different fronts, including:

A man scours a distant world searching for something right under his nose...Two children terrorized by their own mother find an unlikely saviour...Giant war machines find love and more at the end of the world...A harmless looking birthday gift is really a portal to humanity's doom...

Contents Edit

  • Michael Scott Bricker
  • Camilla Alexa
  • Vincent L. Scarsella
  • Sheila Crosby
  • Gerard Daniel Houarner
  • David Steffen
  • Mark Onspaugh
  • Bruce Golden
  • R.J. Sevin
  • Kristen Lee Knapp
  • Harper Hull
  • Auston Habershaw
  • Brent Knowles
  • Michele Garber
  • Gary Cuba
  • Michael Penkas
  • JW Schnarr & John Sunseri
  • Mike Baretta
  • Edward Morris
  • Jodi Lee
  • Victorya
  • James S. Dorr
  • Davin Ireland

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