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Volume 1, Number 3 - July 2009

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Midnight Screaming vol 1, no 3

Cover art for Midnight Screaming vol 1, no 3 designed by Jeff Crouch and K.R. Copeland

The third issue of Midnight Screaming Magazine was published in July 2009. The cover art, titled "fetal" was designed by Jeff Crouch and K.R. Copeland.

Contents Edit

  • Sailing to Bermuda by Richard King Perkins II
  • The Bellwether Effect by Marianne Halbert
  • Astral Zoology by Scott Koerwer
  • The Departed by April Michelle Bratten
  • Like, Popular by Kevin Brown
  • Ready to Go at Dawn by Peycho Kanev
  • Pesky Specters by K. Bond

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