Violent Legends is a small press magazine printed by Weird House in 1988. It was edited and published by Joey Froehlich and Ralph Harding.


  • Haunted By Ill Angels in Regions of the Black Throne by Joey Froehlich
  • Vile Injuries by Joey Froehlich
  • Lodzi in the Bush of Ghosts by Charles R. Saunders
  • Nosmael by J.N. Williamson
  • Expedition by Larry Baukin
  • Violent Shadows Interview by Joey Froehlich with Janet Fox
  • Death of a Cheerleader by Ralph Stephen Harding
  • Away from the Sea by Billy Wolfenbarger
  • Crater Face by Joey Froehlich
  • Death in 1936 by Joey Froehlich
  • Malison on Thirty-Fifth Street by Gordon Linzner
  • Ghost Cartoon by Billy Wolfenbarger
  • The Family Plan by Ralph Stephen Harding
  • Asphodel by Billy Wolfenbarger
  • The Pestiferous Plague by Joey Froehlich
  • Untitled by Audrey Parente and Joey Froehlich
  • The Song by Ralph Stephen Harding
  • Praire Son by Ralph Stephen Harding
  • All My Children by G. Wayne Miller
  • Priestess by M.S. Dirse
  • The Woman Who Went Home by Janet Fox
  • Guns by Joey Froehlich
  • Fred's Tongue by Kathleen Jurgens
  • Coffee Brains by Joey Froehlich
  • Vile Injuries II by Joey Froehlich
  • Damned History by Steven Eng


  • Cover Art by Dan Day
  • Family Verdict by Rodger Gerberding
  • The Chair's Romance by Rodger Gerberding
  • Back Cover by Allen Koszowski
  • Crater Face artwork by Mike Odden
  • Lodzi in the Bush of Ghosts artwork by Bruce Conklin
  • Nosmael artwork by Joe West
  • Janet Fox Interview artwork by Val Tiley
  • Death of a Cheerleader artwork by Jim Garrison
  • Malison on Thrity-Fifth Street artwork by David Pudelwitts
  • Ghost Cartoon artwork by Rodger Gerberding
  • The Family Plan artwork by David Pudelwitts
  • Asphodel artwork by Dan Day
  • The Pestiferous Plague artwork by Allen Koszowski
  • Untitled artwork by Jim Garrison
  • The Song artwork by Mike Odden
  • All My Children artwork by Jim Garrison
  • The Woman Who Went Home artwork by John Borkowski
  • Guns artwork by Allen Koszowski

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