Cover art for Unspeakable: A New Breed of Horror

Unspeakable: A New Breed of Horror was published by Blood Bound Books and edited by Theresa Dillon.

Content Edit

  • Border Jumper by Adam Blomquist
  • Field Test by R. Scott McCoy
  • Deadheads by Don Norum
  • Stranger in the Woods by Natalie L. Sin
  • The Monarch of the Seas by K.G. McAbee
  • Mato Tipila by Jessy Marie Roberts
  • Gates of Perception by Eric J. Millar
  • Acolyte by Storm Grant
  • The Deal by T. Joseph Dunham
  • The Ash by Michael J. Hultquist
  • Cancer on Cats Paws by Kristin Dearborn
  • The Robe by Sharon M. White
  • The Midnight Mass by John Morgan
  • The City Consumed by Divine Fire & Buried Beneath the Sand by Monique Bos
  • The Booglin by David Bernstein
  • Orsini's Vineyard by David Hearn
  • The Worm of the Waste by Justin A. Williams
  • The Memory Thief by Liz Strange
  • If Love is Not Madness... by Jason Andrew
  • The Mare by Y.B. Cats
  • Forgotten Lake by Deena M. Lyvang
  • Where They Come Out by Holly Day
  • Strunke City Derail by Murphy Edwards
  • Wind, Winter, Wendigo by Adrian Ludens

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