Darkened image pic

Cover art for The Darkened Image

The Darkened Image is a book written by Brick Marlin and published by PublishAmerica.

Description Edit

It is 1979. A serial killer stalks the small town of Deputy Point. The cops are baffled with the case. No leads. No clues. The only information received is an anonymous phone call informing where to find the bodies. The handless corpses…but hope does arrive. A time traveler from Earth’s future, a warrior from the rebellion, comes to hunt down this killer. In the future aliens have taken over the planet, eliminating most of humanity. The ones that are spared are enslaved to do their bidding. Enslaved in their reign of terror. The rebellion believes that if they can save as many souls from the hand of the serial killer throughout time, the human existence will have a better population in the future fight against the aliens. A fight for freedom.

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