Static Movment Print 2

cover art by Lee Kuruganti

The Static Movement Print Special No. 2 anthology was published by Liquid Imagination Publishing.

Contents Edit


  • Waiting by Ken Head
  • Expiry by Mo Irvine
  • Down the Corridors of Life Purloined by Anthony G. Bernstein
  • See Mouse Fly by John Klawitter
  • Me & MB by John Klawitter
  • The Collector by Sarah Frost Mellor
  • Whispering through the Veil by J.T. Evans
  • Hands of Mercy by John "JAM" Arthur Miller
  • The Herbs of Andali by James P. Wagner
  • Those Left Behind by Kevin Wallis
  • Awaken to a Nightmare by Brian Barnett
  • Dinnertime by Rick McQuiston
  • The Cull by John Irvine
  • Earth Bound by Elliot Richard Dorfman
  • Walking the Winds at Dawn (Falling through the Clouds at Night) by Justin Curtis
  • Work at Home Job by James P. Wagner
  • Broken Hearted Savior by A.J. Brown
  • Emotion Eaters by Scott Wilson
  • Taedium Mortis by Louise Norlie
  • Scary Story by Leonardo "Leo" John Miller
  • The Nightmare by Vincent "Vinnie" Logan Miller
  • The Disappearance of Alice P. Liddell by Michael Hanson
  • Stealing Skyward by Joshua Michael Johnson
  • The Wikid Pedia: A Reminder, A Warning, A Short History by James A. Stewart
  • Falling Away by T.L. Bodine
  • The Call by John Stanton
  • At the Seaside, by the Sea by Florence Stanton
  • FETCH! by Ken Goldman
  • Swan Maiden by Tala Bar
  • She by Shelly Muir
  • Ill Met in Turquoise Sunset by Glen Held
  • The Chest (a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Gold Bug") by S. Copperstone
  • Static Movement by John "JAM" Arthur Miller
  • Silent Delivery by Jamie K. Schmidt
  • Behind Closed Doors by Charlotte Emma Gledson
  • The Wranglers by Eric S. Brown
  • The Dentist Visit by P.S. Gifford


  • A Surrealist Love Story of Tainted Love and Wedding Proposals by Lee Kuruganti
  • Nightmare by William Wolford
  • Walls Have Ears at Prinsengracht 263 by Ken Head
  • Eterna Oceana and True Philosophy by Jonathan Crider
  • Stardust in the Gold and Nephillium by John C. Mannone
  • I Dreamed and Haunted Me by Michael H. Hanson
  • Jungle Music by John C. Mannone
  • Mare of the Night by Brandon L. Rucker
  • Rose, Come Home by Deborah Walker
  • A Grim Affair by P.S. Gifford
  • Perseus by Deborah Walker
  • Succubus by Brandon L. Rucker

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