The first issue of Static Movement was January 2006. It was divided into four sections: Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction.

Short Stories Edit

  • The Lowesoft Monster by Terry-Gates Grimwood
  • Through the Stone Gate by Keith P. Graham
  • Part-Time John by David Siegel Bernstein
  • Sycamore by Ian Donnell Arbuckle
  • Future School by Chris Stevenson
  • The First Warrior by H.F. Gibbard
  • Homecoming by Arthur Sanchez
  • Boner's Stand by Boyd E. Harris
  • Note to Self by Keith P. Graham
  • Crawlers by Paul Campbell
  • The School by Adrienne Ray
  • The Station by Jon Bishop
  • The Gift by John Klawitter

Flash Fiction Edit

  • Leaving San Francisco by Marge Simon
  • A New York Moment by Nonnie Augustine
  • Another Writer's Tale by P.H. Madore
  • The Fortune Tree by David E. Hughes
  • Fogbound by Matt Spence

Poetry Edit

  • Held in Humanity's Tainted Uterus by Wendy Williams
  • Traipsing on Bantayan Shore by Rachelle Credo
  • Timor Mortis by Christopher Spiess
  • The Quest by Mark Chapman
  • Climb by Michael Hanson

Non-Fiction Edit

  • Literary Sangreal by Michael Hanson
  • Undone by Melissa Mirza

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