The second issue of Static Movement was published February 2006. It was seperated into six sections: Flash Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

Flash Fiction Edit

  • The Night Stalker by Clyde Andrews
  • The Young Woman by C.W. Smith
  • Bird-Catching by Clif Mamund
  • The Haunting of Windham Hospital by tgreaper

Fantasy Edit

  • Gonna Get Close to You by Jamie K. Schmidt

Short Story Edit

  • Seth by Rachel Kovaciny
  • Other Side of the Fence by Paul Campbell

Science Fiction Edit

  • Inside Out by E.S. Strout

Non-Fiction Edit

  • Bad Things Happen by Mark Holter
  • Interview with Donna Taylor Burgess

Poetry Edit

  • Blood Spills Through Time by Anthony Bernstein
  • As Night Falls by Anthony Bernstein

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