The fourth issue of Static Movement was published in April 2006. It was divided into nine sections: Contest Winner, Comic, Horror, Flash Fiction, Short Story, Non-Fiction, Static Movement Favorite, and Poetry.

Contest Winner Edit

  • Distress Call by Clyde Andrews

Comic Edit

  • Along the Chesapeake by Adrienne Ray

Horror Edit

  • The Barn by Peggy Le Johnson
  • Charon's Cab by Kevin James Hurtack
  • Prison Eyes by Denise Feurt
  • Stories to Tell by Monika M. Segally
  • The Essay by Monika M. Segally

Flash Fiction Edit

  • More Tender Than That by P.H. Madore
  • On the Pedestal by Louise Norlie

Short Story Edit

  • The Unwavering Slayer of Dragons by Paul Ray
  • Seeds of Hate by Arthur Sanchez

Non-Fiction Edit

  • A Crownless Princess by Melissa Mirza

Static Movement Favorite Edit

  • Madman by Monika M. Segally

Poetry Edit

  • Monsters in the Woods by Timothy J. Donley
  • A Crow Thinks About Strawberries by Apryl S. Fox
  • Insomnia by M. Frias-May
  • Fire Dream by H.F. Gibbard
  • Shade by M. Frias-May
  • Touch Me by Brenda A Hubbard

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