Sonar4 Publications publishes Novels, Novellas, Anthologies in Print and Ebook Format.

Anthologies Edit

  • Anthology of Steampunk edited by Tonia Brown
  • Demon Alley edited by Shells Walter
  • From the Mouth edited by Shells Walter
  • Gentlemen of Horror
  • Ladies of Horror
  • Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror
  • Phase Shift
  • The Dark Macabre
  • Throw Down Your Dead: An Anthology of Western Horror
  • Tooth Decay

Collections Edit

Novels Edit

  • Behind Closed Doors by Brian L. Porter
  • Bite This by Shells Walter
  • Dead Practices by Shells Walter
  • Kin Bin Tin Nah by John "JAM" Arthur Miller
  • October Rain by Dylan J. Morgan
  • The Blooming by Tonia Brown
  • The Human Experiment by Eric S. Brown
  • The Rocks Beneath by M.A. Walters
  • Zombie-Killer Bill by E.M. MacCallum

External Links Edit

  • Offical Website [1]

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