Cover art for Saturated and Crimson

Saturated and Crimson is a book written by Brick Marlin and published by PublishAmerica.

Description Edit

Time travelers. Aliens. Serial killers of the past. Mutant babies. Cannibalistic sewer people. Earth is riddled with both pain and death in this apocalyptic world where humans are enslaved by an alien race that rule the planet. The time travelers are a group of rebellions who travel back in time to hunt down and dispose of serial killers. They believe that if they can save victims from dying by the hand of a serial killer, they will be able to save the human existence, having a larger population long before the arrival of the alien race. On this quest for hope the battle rages on in the past, as well as in the future. Faith in God is slowly slipping away, losing its grip, before plunging deep into darkness.

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