Rex Miles is a hitman that takes pride in his job. He has a take-no-bullshit attitude and lives for the thrill of the kill. He has come up against drug dealers, vampires, demon strippers and ex-wives, and he has took them all down. He is currently in Kentucky ... lurking in the dark shadows.

Rex Miles is a fictional character created by Chad Case

Rex Miles Stories In OrderEdit

  • In Therapy
  • The Meeting (with Suzie Bradshaw)
  • Silver Bullets
  • Joyride (done but not published yet)
  • Payback (done but not published yet)
  • The Ballard of Boomer Vee: The Last Gunfighter (currently in the works)
  • The Night Train (done but not published yet)
  • Reloaded (done but not published yet)

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