Poetry from Hell's Asylum

cover art by Darren James

Poetry from Hell's Asylum is a

collection of poetry written by Thom Olausson filled with illustrations by Mike Walker. It was published by Panic Press.


A collection of some of his most terrifying and sinister poetry, all with disturbing illustrations by the morbid artist Mike Waller, who has worked by using Thom Olausson’s horror poems as inspiration.

The poems are reflections of the Darkness we all fear. They show us the Evil we deep down inside knows exists, but are afraid to admit to.

These poems prove to us that, no matter what, Death will come for us all in the end. Indeed, the disturbing poetry in this collection could easily have been written by the insane patients in Hell’s Asylum

This collection reminds us all that there really is wicked things that move and twist in the Dark…

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