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Panic Press is a small press publisher is association with House of Horror ezine. They print novellas, novels, chapbooks and short story and poetry collections.

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  • From Alan Spencer, author of Ashes in Her Eyes: “Panic Press is fueled for terror, putting out the latest horror fiction with efficiency and zest. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to release my third novel, “Ashes in Her Eyes.” Publishing here, I felt my work wasn’t just in the hands of hard working individuals, but also fans of the genre. They’ve put together a hell of a marketing package, and the artwork will have any red blooded horror reader foaming at the mouth. Any writer should feel at home publishing with Panic Press.”
  • From Thom Olausson, author of Poetry from Hell's Asylum: “I had this book of horror poetry that had been picked up by another publisher, but then Life stepped in and the publisher folded. I turned to people I have the highest respect for, amongst them was Sam Cox, for advice. She asked me to submit my manuscript to Panic Press Books, her own publishing company. I did, and I am glad I did! They picked up the collection of horror poetry and ran with it. I am truly happy, and the artwork Darren created is out of this world. Just look at the cover for POETRY FROM HELL’S ASYLUM, it is exactly what I had imagined! The world of horror really needs a publisher like Panic Press Books, they make that world of darkness so much fuller! And the end result for my book? A professional masterpiece!”

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