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Wurms Evolution

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Wurms Evolution

Neil Leckman is currently living in Colorado where he continues to crank out new stories, poems and art on a daily basis. He has had stories published at House of Horror, Flashes in the Dark, Panic Press, Tales of the Talisman, Pill Hill Press and Static Movement including a collection of short stories that feature his son J. R. Leckman. Since October of 2010 he has seen more than sixty stories go to print, as well as more than twenty poems. He is currently working on three new series, "Wurms Evolution", "New Dodge" and "Lake Tanna". He welcomes you to come and explre the darkness with him. He can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Many of his stories are available in anthologies from Static Movement, Pill Hill Press and House of Horror listed on his Amazon page.

Stories and Poems

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