Murky Depths

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Murky Depths is an extreme horror anthology magazine that mixes horror comics with horror fiction and interviews.

The primary editor is Terry Martin, who works with a full team that is experienced in the horror genre.

The magazine utilizes professional artwork for the covers, which depict the contents very well in startling and high quality imagery.

Number of IssuesEdit


Issue One

The magazine recently released Issue 13. The site uses a unique navagation system that doesn't rely on a blog host for the layout but does take advantage of Twitter.

Seen here is the very first Murky Depths to emerge to the scene and when they started they mean business.

Average cost of the magEdit

An average issue is about 6.99 GBP.

The magazine uses comic book industry standard size and the average page count is 83 pages.

Subscriptions of the mag are slightly higher in the States, but they're sold on because they got a dual ISSN / ISBN on the same issue carrying traits of a magazine and a various authors anthology.

More InformationEdit

Murky Depths Official web presence for this renegade magazine.

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