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M. Leon Smith is a writer of fiction from the North East England who was diagosed with [Multiple Sclerosis]in 2009. During his stay in Rehab he had to learn how to type again as sensory loss in his hands was so bad that he had lost that ability. It was during that period that he decided to write seriously. M. Leon's second submitted story was accepted by Lame Goat Press but following the demise of LGP the anthology was picked up and published by Chris Bartholomew of Static Movement
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.M. Leon has been published in various short story and poetry anthologies since then.

M. Leon has a website at for more info and blogs.

Available now:

  • Scared in "Inner Fears" by Static Movement.
  • Hide And Seek in "Trunk Stories" by Static Movement.
  • The Less Travelled Path in "Something in the Attic" by Static Movement.
  • The Rain in "Something in the Attic 2" by Static Movement.
  • Never Born in "Static Poetry" by Static Movement
  • Never Beaten in "Static Poetry" by Static Movement
  • Then Roar! in "Static Poetry" by Static Movement
  • Time To Plug In in "Static Poetry" by Static Movement
  • Ars Gratia Artis in "Serial Killers" by Static Movement.
  • Game Face in "Static Poetry II" by Static Movement
  • Caught in "Pot Luck" by Static Movement.
  • Dark Days in "Pot Luck" by Static Movement.
  • Mighter Than The Sword in "Pot Luck" by Static Movement
  • Paul And Miriam in "Pot Luck" by Static Movement
  • Induction by Books To Go Now
  • A Quiet Night In in "Halloween Frights Vol II" by Static Movement
  • Disability ≠ Invisiblility in "Poems from the Darkside" by Static Movement
  • Malrfen in "ePocalypse: emails at the end" by Pill Hill Press (in collaboration with Rob Moran, hey cuz!)
  • Deliverance in "Static Poetry III" by Static Movement
  • Olverston Grange in "There Was A Crooked House" by Pill Hill Press
  • I Won! published online at Infective Ink
  • Growth Spurt by Books To Go Now
  • An Article for the MS Trust

M.Leon also has the following stories and poems accepted for publication:

  • The Unstoppable Wonderlord
  • Thursday's Child
  • An article for MSRC

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