John Arthur Miller—called “JAM” by 1 fan, a few friends and many aliens—came to this solar system after making five wrong turns. Lost, he’s been writing secret algorithms ever since in order that his “people” might track him down. He instills coded messages in each story he writes that contains complete mapping coordinates as to his whereabouts—so far his “people’ have ignored him. He’s had 2 pro-paying stories at Necrotic Tissue, 15-20 semi-pro paying stories, and appeared in various anthologies, all of which contain the secret code. JAM has involved himself in other activities, too, like promoting NY Times Bestselling author David Farland’s newsletter for writers called “Daily Kick in the Pants.” But those promotions contain codes so incredibly dangerous that JAM has to kill those unfortunate enough to have stumbled across them. However, if you like living dangerously, you can learn about these secret “writing” codes here:

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