Gothic Press was founded in 1979 by Gary William Crawford to publish books and periodicals in the field of Gothic literature. In the years 1979 to 1987 the press produced six issues of the journal GOTHIC, which featured articles on the Gothic from the eighteenth century to modern horror. Subsequently, the press published THE HORROR FICTION NEWSLETTER and the horror poetry magazine NIGHT SONGS. In recent years, the press has published THE GOTHIC CHAPBOOK SERIES, which features fiction, poetry, and literary scholarship and criticism. New from the press is Philip Challinor's AKIN TO POETRY: OBSERVATIONS ON SOME STRANGE TALES OF ROBERT AICKMAN. In preparation is a collection of essays on RAMSEY CAMPBELL edited by Phillip A. Ellis. Also available from the press are free online databases for J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Fritz Leiber, Ramsey Campbell, Walter de la Mare, and Robert Aickman studies. In May of 2006, Crawford began the online journal LE FANU STUDIES.

Press History Edit

  • Gothic (1979-1987) - Scholarly journal, featuring essays and reviews, ranging in topic from the early Gothic novel through the English ghost story to contemporary horror fiction. Articles on Lovecraft, Poe, King, Horace Walpole, Le Fanu, Ann Radcliffe, Robert Louis Stevenson, the Victorian ghost story, etc. Nos. 5 & 6 $3.00 ea. Nos. 1-4 are sold out but a bound photocopy of the first four issues may be purchased for $15.00.
  • The Horror Fiction Newsletter (1989-1995) - Newsletter of news and reviews in the horror literature genre.
  • Night Songs (1991-1997) - Horror Poetry magazine featuring some of the leading poets in the field, as well as talented newcomers. Entire run produced on-demand in a single paper-covered volume.
  • Le Fanu Studies (2006- ) - Online journal devoted to everything on famous Victorian writer, J. Sheridan Le Fanu.

Gothic Chapbook Series Edit

  • Books - Bruce Boston
  • Supernatural Poetry
  • Robert Aickman: An Introduction
  • Yellow Rider - Steve Eng
  • Black Prometheus - Karl Edward Wagner
  • The Fisherman - David A. Sutton
  • The Flayed Man - Phillip A Ellis
  • The Sound of Dead Hands Clapping - Mark Rich
  • Monsters and Victims - Charlie Bondhus
  • Akin to Poetry - Robert Aickman
  • The 1980 Bibliography of Gothic Studies
  • Mysteries of Von Domarus - Gary William Crawford
  • Shadows Before the Maiming - Scott C. Holstad
  • The Fuel of Tender Years - Joey Froehlich

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