Death Rattle Vol 1, Issue 1

cover art designed by Carolanne Patton

The very first issue of Death Rattle was published in the Fall of 2010. It was edited by Carolanne Patton, who also designed the cover art.

Contents Edit

  • Comfort Food by Matthew Quinn Martin
  • Rumplestiltskin by Donna Burgess
  • Morning at the Night Market by Todd Bowes
  • This Thing of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine by Thomas Zimmerman
  • For Love of the Echo by Christopher Butera
  • The Monsters Trick-or-Treat by Elizabeth Creith
  • Ghosts on the Jungle River by Coy Hall
  • A Mere Cackle by Jane Gwaltney
  • Black Dog by Matt Baxter
  • Green and Grotesque by Mike Berger
  • Arc by Derek Muk
  • Missing...Verne? by Patrick Rutigliano
  • Bertha's Place by Christine Lucas
  • Zombie Romance by Selena Martens
  • Seduction by Milan Smith
  • Wimpire by Patricia La Barbera
  • The Rock House by Alice Kemp
  • Flesh Consumerism by Kim Keith
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out by M.J. Nicholls
  • My Autobiography by John Grey
  • What Happened to Johnny by Chaz Matthews
  • Morning by Lyn C.A. Gardner
  • The Churchyard Incident by Chad Strong
  • Razors Edge by Douglas Pugh
  • Mercy by Kate Larkindale
  • Dismembered Heads by Jim Davis
  • Biscuithead by C. Dennis Moore
  • Spectrum Crossing by Marina Lee Sable
  • The Blues by Matthew Howe
  • Gingerbread Lady by Michael Lee Johnson
  • Night Hag by Charles Kyffhausen
  • Zombie Heartbreak by Lauren Hudgins
  • The Beast of Harris Lake by Adam P. Lewis
  • An Idyllic Mission by Edward Rodosek
  • Peanut Butter by Linda Lyons

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