Dead Practices is a novella written by Shells Walter and published by Sonar 4 Publications.

Description Edit

Jerrod is a lawyer just like any other lawyer; there is only one exception- he is a zombie or more like what is considered a Zombie Citizen. Zombies have been converted into Zombie Citizens so that they can live with regular people, IE humans. But someone wants to change the zombies back to the way they were, and possibly take over anything they can. The hitch- it is a client of Jerrod's. Jerrod and his friend, a police officer named Rusty who is also a Zombie Citizen, try and stop this craziness from happening through a wild adventure that also includes a lot of super-glue.

Praise Edit

  • From Lori Titus, editor of Flashes in the Dark: Dead Practices is set in a world where Zombies have been cured of their desire for human flesh. Zombies are participating members of human society; enter a killer with a plan and a drug that can reverse "Zombie Citizens" back into the old fashioned, carniverous lot. Told from the perspective of two zombies, the loveable lawyer Jerrod and his police officer friend Rusty race to stop a horde of hungry zombies from wreaking carnage and chaos. The fast paced story zooms by with snappy dialog and a surprise ending.
  • From Brian L Porter, award-winning author of A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper: Set in a future world where 'Zombie Citizens' live side by side with human beings, Dead Practices introduces us to Jerrod Hikens, a lawyer who also happens to be a zombie. Appointed to defend an accused murderer, a human, Jerrod finds himself drawn into an ever escalating plot that leads the reader from simple bank robbery to a complex attempt to kidnap the President of the USA. Jerrod's client appears to have found a way to undo the revolutionary medical breakthrough that enabled the zombie nation to live side by side with the humans, without the need to devour living flesh.So, aided by a horde of revisionist zombies, the killer sets to work on his terrible plot, and only Jerrod and his policeman friend, Rusty, a fellow zombie, stand in the way of the murderer's success.Although not over long, Dead Practices kept me entertained and enthralled as it moved towards its exciting and unexpected ending. Beware the twist in the tale!

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