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Dark Worlds Magazine publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a pulp feel. It is edited by G.W. Thomas.

Description of the magazine from the site:

There is lots of free public domain fiction online these days. There are plenty of collections of such online as well. Dark Worlds Adventures is something new. 50% of the book is public domain classics but the other 50% is all new material that uses the stories to create a magazine of Fantasy & Horror like the Pulp magazines of old. The characters are the Baron von Klarnstein, a Nero Wolfian occult detective who sends his agents, like his daughter Orestia, and Paul McNabb into danger. They all belong to a secret society called the Athenodorians.

"The Case of the Phantom Legion" is a short novel that features stories about invisible monsters. There are two shorter back-up features: "Ungerheuerhorn", an unconnected tale of terrible ape-like survivals in the Alps, and "The Case of the Blue Man" about a weird vampiric terror, featuring the Athenodorians.

The illustrations are all in the old style (G. W. Thomas) and the cover is by M. D. Jackson. The insides have all been made to look like a real Pulp with ads and everything. This book will be treasured by fan of Doc Savage or Weird Tales.

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