D.O.A. Anthology is an extreme horror anthology produced by Blood Bound Books.

Contents Edit

  • Cherry Clubbing by Kenneth Yu
  • Plague Hulk by Glynn Owen Barrass
  • Demons Lie by Atris Ray III
  • To Be Filled in by the Subject by James L. Grant
  • Spiric Satisfied by John McNee
  • Good Girls by R. Warren Smith
  • Saving Ralph by Alex Cizak
  • Glutton for Punishment by Robert Essig
  • Daddy by Uri Grey
  • Everyone Has Their Own Sound by Piper Morgan
  • Les Sperme Vampire by Michael Bracken
  • N.R.E.M. Sleep by A.R. Braun
  • The Bogeyman's Key by Calie Voorhis
  • Guys by Eric Dimbleby
  • In the Make-Out Room by Matthew Keville
  • My Dark Lover by Stacy Bolli
  • Sisters by Chris Reed
  • A Laxative for Writers Block by Forrest Ingle
  • Stoners and Saviors by Quinn Hernandez
  • Digital Media by Michael Cieslak
  • Artistic Subject by Adrian Ludens
  • Sickened by Tonia Brown
  • Go to Your Room by Shane McKenzie
  • Cold Air by Edward R. Rosick
  • Cena by Chad McKee
  • White Out by KJ Moore
  • The Devil & Jim Rosenthal by C.M. Saunders
  • Caterpillar by Craig Saunders

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