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Chris Allinotte lives and works in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and two sons.

He holds a B.A. from McMaster University, and a Diploma in Acting from Ryerson University. During his brief time as a professional actor, Chris had a single television appearance, as Jack the Ripper on Discovery Channel’s F2:Forensic Factor.

During his time at Ryerson, Chris wrote the play Late Last Night, later to stage it at the Staircase Café Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario. It explored the nature of friendship, and the grey areas that come about when things go horribly wrong. The play ran for two consecutive weekends in Fall, 2001, to mostly favorable response.

Many of Chris’ stories explore themes of isolation and fear of the unknown, though not all fit nicely into one single genre. There is something intrinsically interesting about being forced to confront terrible things, with the added burden of facing them alone.

Chris first started writing for publication in 2007. His short story, The Dirt on Ronnie Wilkins, won the 2008 Toronto Star National Short Story competition. Chris’ first story to see online publication was called Kittens for Sale, which was published by MicroHorror. Chris’ other story, Make ‘em Cheer won the MicroHorror 2009 Halloween Flash Fiction contest.

Currently, Chris is working on his first full-length novel, which, after several false starts is a closely guarded secret. It is slated for release sometime between Fall 2011 and the arrival of humans on Mars.


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