Calcified organic dust

From ancient bones

Shimmering in molten slag

On a once green planet

Fossilised hydrocarbons

Converted to insulating gas

Trapping relentless heat

From an indifferent sun

The temperature soared

And we rejoiced at first

Enjoying false benefits

Decades of hot summers

As critical temperatures

Released heavy gases

From porous surface rocks

We eventually succumbed

To overwhelming pollution

Runaway vegetation fires

Acid rain and searing winds

And inevitable heat death

Restless anguished spirits

Writhe and moan now

Confined and entombed

In volcanic Hell-holes

Victims of misguided faith

And exhausted energy

But some of our children

Fled to that water world

The third promising planet

With its sentinel satellite

To seed it with life force

And our warning message

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