A Full Deck of Zombies

Cover art for A Full Deck of Zombies

A Full Deck of Zombies is a collection of flash fiction tales written by Michael A. Kechula and published by Books for a Buck.

Not all zombies are fearsome and disgusting. Some sing, dance, play musical instruments, and even tell jokes. These lovable creatures like root beer, granola bars, and chocolate chip cookies.

You'll find these fun loving, cookie-munching zombies lurking between the pages of this book. But you ll also read about some you d never want to meet even if you were carrying a bazooka. Not limited to zombie tales, this book includes a host of zany characters from outer space: ghost bugs; Martians who wear ten-gallon hats; Martians who stop commuter buses to take surveys; Martians who joyously amputate their own fingers to accumulate points for free Disneyland trips; and many more. Then too are stories of ordinary Earth folks, like the guy next door who hugs corpses for a living, the gal down the block who falls in love with a zombie, your co-worker who snacks on alien finger sandwiches, your best pal who takes college courses with zombies, and dozens of other weirdos.

By now, you've guessed that most of the sixty-one stories in this book are humorous speculative fiction tales, a species not easily found. However, to keep you from busting a gut from laughter and incurring high medical costs, we ve toned down the hilarity by including a few tales to make you cringe and hide in the closet. After reading them you may even want to seek the assistance of an exorcist. All sixty-one stories were previously published in magazines and anthologies in Australia, Canada, England, and the US. Editors called them a hoot. Readers said they were hilarious. But the dark ones aren't funny--unless the macabre makes you break out into uncontrollable laughter. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, buckle up your seat belt, open the book, and enjoy the ride.

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